Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to business

Haven't been playing very much Warcraft the last few weeks, between work and building a new desktop it has been hectic.  Trying to finish up the Loremaster achievements before Catacylsm strikes, and finished up the Howling Fjord quests earlier last week, broke 600 quests complete for the Eastern Kingdoms, and started working on quests in Ungoro Carter for Kalimdor Loremaster.  Patchwerk was the weekly for Skywall, and I got the Make Quick Work Achievement for taking him down.  I also finished the Tirion Fordring quest in Eastern and Western Plaguelands, as well as doing Strumwulf's first Baron run in Stratholme.  Didn't get the mount though.

I've also started playing Starcraft II.  I'm having a good time playing through the campaign, and learning about the different units and the tech development as I play each mission.

Here is a nice screenshot from one of the Howling Fjord quests that goes well with Strumwulf's name:

Strumwulf as a Wolf

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