Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Week in WoW or Fun playing with Fire

Been a busy week both in game and in real life.  In game, I've been working on getting all my low-level characters (they range from level 16 to 48) through Midsummer Fest.  My warrior and priest have completed Honoring the flames of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, and my mage has completed the Eastern Kingdoms.  I'm going to try and get my Hunter and Shaman done this week.  Strumwulf, my Death Knight, has completed Honoring the flames of Azeroth, and hit the Northrend fires as well.  He has also stolen all the Horde capitol city fires.  Just need to get the rest of the Horde fires for the Holiday achievement.
In working to get the capital city fires, I tried using the zeppelins and had the guards knock me off the boat with their attacks.  Also, I couldn't use the teleporter between Silvermoon City and Undercity.  I don't remember if this was possible for Midsummer Fest before, but I know for Brewfest, you could buy the clothes you needed for an achievement, go do the achievement and then sell them back to the vendor and get you tokens back.  That is not possible for this Midsummer Fest.

On the raiding side of the game, I got a look at 10-man Lich King.  We managed to get the phase 2, before wiping.  I'm sure in the next couple weeks, Keepers of the Mushroom will figure it out and take Arthas down.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meeting Flameheart

A small RP Scene I put together to explain how Strumwulf acquired his Blazing Hippogryph.

Strumwulf walked through the portal from Dalaran to Darnassus to enjoy some downtime from the assault on Icecrown Citadel. After checking on the sale of ore, weapons and armor, he had collected in his latest excursion into Icecrown, Strumwulf headed down to Rut'theran Village to head over to the main land. There was always someone asking for some task to be completed, and even if he couldn’t use most of the rewards, he usually found something interesting about the people living in an area or who used to live there. On occasion, he encounter something or someone who would spark a memory from his life before Arthas’s service.

As he walked past the Hippogryph stables, Erelas rushed out to meet him. “My young friend, come speak with me for a bit. I have something for you.”

Since he was in no hurry, Strumwulf decided he would see what the Night Elf wanted and followed him back to the stables. Erelas enthused, “I’ve just finished the training of the latest group of hippogryph hatchlings, and one of them has a quite rare appearance. Since you have helped me so much with retrieving the eggs from the ogres, I decided you needed a better reward than those trinkets that Curgle gives out.”

“Does this hippogryph have a name?” Strumwulf asked.

“His name means Flameheart in your tongue.” Erelas replied.

With that, Strumwulf took a look inside the stables to see this hippogryph that had Erelas so excited. There were several different hippogryphs in the stable, ones with the coloring of the Cenarion Expedition’s & the Argent’s Crusade’s War hippogryphs, as well as the hippogryph’s used to fly between the areas that the Night Elves controlled. At the end of the stable stood a hippogryph with dark red and yellow coloring and its hooves and the tips of its tail feathers were aflame.

Strumwulf walked up to Flameheart, then looking into its eyes gave a small bow. After a second, Flameheart returned the bow and walked up to Strumwulf and ran it’s beak through his hair before nuzzling him.

After a few seconds, Strumwulf said, “Come on Flameheart, let’s see what you can do,” as he lead the hippogryph outside. Once outside, Strumwulf climb onto Flameheart’s back, and then with little urging the pair was skyborne and heading for the top of Teldrassil with a trail for flame behind them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Achievements in Warcraft.

     Still working on the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor Loremaster Achievements, between quests in Booty Bay and the raceway in Thousand Needles, Strumwulf has raised his goblin reps up to honored.  He's also completed the Frenzyheart/Oracle quest chain and choosen to go work for the Frenzyheart tribe for the time being.
     Raiding has been slow for the last few weeks, but I got into a 10-man ICC run with my guild last night, and completed the Blood and Plague Wings, and attempted Sindragosa.  We also did Heroic Gunship.
     Been working on raising Strumwulf's cooking skill, as well as leveling  Ksenja's alchemy, Paksennarion's Leatherworking and Enchanting, and Kiriann's Herbalism and Tailoring.  Modrun's been working on his engineering, but I need to do some leveling on him so I can advance his skill.  Strumwulf and Greigol have been working on getting the remaining recipes for Inscription and Jewelcrafting respectively.
     Strumwulf has been hitting the Argent Tournament dailies as well, so he can get the pony for his squire.  This will help as i get further into Loremaster and doing classic dungeon runs.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Mount

I got a box of the new set of TCG cards and got a Blazing Hippogryph card.  So Strumwulf is now flying around on one.  It is a very nice looking mount.