Monday, June 21, 2010

Achievements in Warcraft.

     Still working on the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor Loremaster Achievements, between quests in Booty Bay and the raceway in Thousand Needles, Strumwulf has raised his goblin reps up to honored.  He's also completed the Frenzyheart/Oracle quest chain and choosen to go work for the Frenzyheart tribe for the time being.
     Raiding has been slow for the last few weeks, but I got into a 10-man ICC run with my guild last night, and completed the Blood and Plague Wings, and attempted Sindragosa.  We also did Heroic Gunship.
     Been working on raising Strumwulf's cooking skill, as well as leveling  Ksenja's alchemy, Paksennarion's Leatherworking and Enchanting, and Kiriann's Herbalism and Tailoring.  Modrun's been working on his engineering, but I need to do some leveling on him so I can advance his skill.  Strumwulf and Greigol have been working on getting the remaining recipes for Inscription and Jewelcrafting respectively.
     Strumwulf has been hitting the Argent Tournament dailies as well, so he can get the pony for his squire.  This will help as i get further into Loremaster and doing classic dungeon runs.

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