Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Leveling 1-10

I just finished getting my new Draenei Priest to level 10, and I've had a fun time doing it.

First off, as a priest you start with two spells:  Lesser Heal & Smite.  And you can hit up the trainer and learn Power Word: Fortitude, right away.  I was able to handle all the mobs in the starting area with Smite.  The quests in the Draenei starting are well-connected and flow well, plus it was easy to kill mobs for extra xp.

Level 4 - I picked up Shadow Word: Pain, and this DoT made handling mobs that much faster.

Level 6 - Power Word: Shield is a great spell.  I would throw Shadow Word: Pain at a target, pop Power Word: Shield, then wail on them with Smite.  Just from my experience with this spell, I've decided to level this toon as Discipline.  I also moved to Azure Watch and started working on the quests there.  I also caught the end of Noblegarden, and was able to do the quests for that, and found the Spring Rabbit's Foot.

The furbolg questline in Azure Watch is one of more fun and interesting one's in the game.  I like how each of the totems gives a different ability for a short period to get you to the next totem.   Be careful once you reach the final totems, the furbolg here will aggro on you, they patrol and call their friends.

Level 8 - Picked up Fade and Renew from the trainer.  Haven't had any use for Fade yet, but renew is useful in soloing questing.

Level 10 - Learned Mind Blast and new rank of Lesser Heal.

If you haven't done the Draenei starting area yet, you should try it out.

Death Knight Class Preview

As everyone who plays World of Warcraft knows, the Class Previews came out this last week.  Today, I'm going to take a look at the Death Knight Preview.  The actual preview can be found at:  http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=20677630322&sid=1

New Spells -
     Outbreak -  I see this mainly be used by tanks when switching targets.
     Necrotic Strike -  This will be mainly used in PVP, especially arenas, and a little on battlegrounds.  I don't see much use for the healing absorbation ability in PVE, outside of encounters like faction champs in TOC.
     Dark Simulcrum - This looks like a lot of fun for both tanks and dps.  Sending a copy of your opponent's last spell back at them is FTW.

Rune System Change - not too sure how this is going work.  Going to have to wait until Beta or release, to see how it works.

Talent Change - Big change for DKs is Blood will be the Tanking tree, and Frost and Unholy will be DPS.  Consolidating tanking into blood will make class balancing easier, especially with the new Mastery system.  I currently play Blood DPS, so I am little concerned about where 2-handed DPS will end up.  Guess, I'll have to learn to play again.

Mastery Systems -  I like the system overall, especially with them saying they will be removing a lot of talents, that are required to take to increase dps or survivability.  The DK bonuses don't really stand out, but we still need to see them in play.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guild Achievements

Last night, my guild (Keepers of the Mushroom) on Skywall took down Rotface and Festergut in 25 man ICC.  Also, my guildmate, Argaio, completed the 1st quest to get Shadowmourne, and is now running around with Shadow's Edge.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: World of Awecraft

One of the things that stand-out in my memory as a moment that showed how awesome WoW is, was in Vanilla, when someone kited a dragon to Stormwind.  People came out of the woodwork to fight this guy, and eventually kill him.  Even though I was only level 20 - 30, it felt like I was taking part in something greater.


Prompt from http://toomanyannas.com/feature/friday-ficlet-nightmares/

Strumwulf jolted from sleep with a scream of rage and pain on his lips. He froze his body to stifle the burning agony that radiated from all of his limbs.  Catching his breath, Strumwulf took a look around to determine where he was. The sight of the snow-covered entrance to the Timbermaw tunnels, brought back to mind where he was, and what he had been doing.  Shame churned in his soul, as he failed in his self-appointed duty, and fallen asleep waiting for Winterfall furbolg.  It was rare that he slept these days, and even rarer that he dreamed. What he remembered was glimpses of black and grey dwarven faces, being burned and crushed, then it all starting over, and a name, "Windsor".

Perhaps it was time to return to Stormwind, then head on to Blackrock.  This nightmare was the most he remembered of his past before being raised in Arthas' service. Perhaps Trias, would have a clue for him to follow.


I've decided to join the blogosphere. I'll write about World of Warcraft, stories I've read, and stories I've written.