Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - How is your Class Viewed

There is a new shared topic up on the Blog Azeroth Forums.  Asking how you think your class is viewed by the various NPCs in the game.  Here is my take on how Strumwulf, my Death Knight is viewed.

Greetings fellow traveler, my name is Strumwulf.  I am a Death Knight in the service of the Alliance.  I was recently asked by an acquaintance how the people of the world view me.    So I’ve decided to report on what I’ve experienced.
From the moment, I left the Lich King’s service at Light’s Hope Chapel, the common people and the guards of the various towns and cities have reacted with hate and disgust.  I am a reminder of what they have lost to the Horde and the Scourge.  Even with Varian’s Wrynn declaration, I’m still barely tolerated. 
The innkeepers, flight masters and various vendors pay me little mind, beyond offering the services they have, and as word of my service has reached their ears, I’ve been offered discounts on goods and repairs.
I’ve gotten various reactions from the people who are asking for help across Azeroth and Outlands.  In the areas closest to the capital cities or areas hit hardest by the scourge, the people were for the most part were gruff and short-tempered.  They would give a task, grudging hand over the promised reward and send me on my way with barely a word.  On the other hand, the people from places like Duskwood were initially cautious of me, but they were so short-handed fending off attacks from the worgen and scourge that any help was a welcome relief.    Organizations like the Argent Dawn and the Cenarion Circle, welcomed my assistance as if it was their due.   
I was first truely welcomed with open arms in the Outlands where the Sons of Lothar were more concerned with how well my blades could cut down the demons and orcs populating Hellfire peninsula, then where or how I learned how to fight. 
Upon returning to Northrend, I was known as a hero and was thrown into the front lines.  People were asking for my help left and right or telling me where someone was who need assistance.   The Red and Green Dragons warily worked with me, something about being outside the cycle of life.  The Black dragons saw me as tool to throw at a problem, and the Bronzes were inscrutable in their reasons and decisions. 
Working with the Ebon Blade again was coming home after a long absence.  The Argent Crusade treated me a boon companion, as did the Frostborn.  The Kirin Tor had little regard for me, beyond that I could complete the tasks that they set forth.
This is what I’ve seen and experienced, what have you seen?

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  1. Interesting to read the Death Knight perspective - I had expected more dissenting factions and was in fact surprised that there were some peoples that openly welcomed you (although once I read the names, I shouldn't have been surprised at all.)

    Thank you for sharing :)