Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've picked up several achievements for my characters this weekend.  Strumwulf finally made it into Zul'Gurub and took down Hakkar for the Raid Achievement and finished up Classic Raider, as well as defeating Malygos to earn his Champion of the Frozen North title.  He also made his way through the Scarlet Monastery, Wailing Caverns and Ragefire Chasm to earn the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement.  He's 370 of 700 quests into earning the Kalimdor Loremaster.

Paksenarrion reached level 60, and Karmag, my new Orc Death Knight reached 70.   I'm working on getting Karmag to level 75 so I can finish the Echo Isles event before it goes away.

Greigol fished up a Giant Rat from the Dalaran Sewers.

Have fun and exciting travels.

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